Replacing a Defective Washing Machine Belt

Washing machine with an open doorIf you have a home appliance that is not working, repairing it can be a daunting task. It is a confusing and frustrating experience, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Not to mention how dangerous it can be to fix a device without getting a professional appliance repair service Austin. Even though hiring an experienced washing machine service technician is the best option when it comes to repairing your washer, it can be a pain to your pocket. Hiring a licensed repairman is not cheap, especially when you plan to fix a refrigerator or dishwasher. If you have a problem with your washing machine, this article will help in solving your problem. One of the most common problems that washing machine users face is a worn out drive belt. In this article, will help you locate a drive belt and replace it.

The drive belt is one of the most important parts of this residential machine. It does a lot of work, which include spinning the barrel, moving the agitator, and spinning the clothes you put in the washer. If the machine does not have the rubber belt, you will never be able to clean the clothes in your house. That said, the drive belt is one of the easiest parts to get damaged in the washing machine. Identifying the problem and taking steps to rectify it can save a lot of money.

The rubber drive belt of the household washing machine is vulnerable to drying out and cracking. Also, excessive large loads can put a strain on it and damage it. If the clothes you put in the machine get tangled in the agitator, it can damage the drive belt. If your drive belt is protected, it will allow your machine to run longer. To protect the drive belt, make sure to sort the clothes before you do the laundry. If you plan to clean rugs, comforters, curtains, and blankets, it is best to take them to a Laundromat and wash them in an industrial size washing machine.

If you plan to replace the drive belt without the help of a washer repairman, you can start by unplugging the electrical cord. This is the first step to any appliance repair process, and it must never be ignored, as your safety depends on it. Once you unplug the power cord, you must disconnect the water supply to the machine. Then locate the access panel of the device and remove its cover. If you are using a Maytag washing machine, the drive belt is usually at the bottom of the washing machine.

Once you find the drive belt, you can change the position of the washer to side comfortable for you to work. It is in your interest to place the machine over the dry cloth to prevent the water from spilling. To replace the belt, you must remove the clamps that connect the rubber coupling, washing machine motor, and the belt. You must then slide the old belt and replace it with a new one. Then reconnect the coupling and the clamps to the new washing machine belt. Finally, reposition the machine in place and connect the power cord. Turn on the appliance to check if it runs without problem.

Please note that if you have followed all the steps indicated in this article but your appliance still not running, it will be best to contact a washing machine technician to get professional help.

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