How A Dishwasher Works

If you are planning to repair your dishwasher, you must know the role played by some important parts of the machine. To start with, we will explain the importance and the role of a dishwasher motor and pump. In most modern dishwashers, the motor is attached to the pump. The pump is responsible for forcing water in the spray arm. It also pushes the water out of the machine into the drain during the drain cycle. The motor is usually located beneath the dishwasher behind the panel. If your home appliance has a reverse motor, it is usually installed in the center of the machine’s bottom. When water is pumped into the spray arm, the motor runs one way, but when it drains water from the machine, it runs the opposite way. If you have a motor that runs only one way, water is pumped into the spray arm when the machine rotates. To drain out water from the machine, another arm activates the pump. Some old machines may have a motor that uses belts to pump in and drain out water from the machine.the_appliance_experts_dishwasher

A few other parts that contribute to the smooth functioning of the machine include solenoids, controls, valves, and switches. The timer of the machine is usually located behind the control panel of the washer. The timer of the machine can be an electronic device with full digital display or a mechanical device. The role of the timer is to run the dishwasher in a set pattern and to provide electricity to various components for specific duration at a specific time. The selector switch not only gives you the option of selecting different wash cycles, but also helps you in selecting the temperature of rinse and wash cycle. It also tells the timer which cycle option to start. The water inlet valve controls the flow of water for the wash cycle. The valve is connected to both hot water and normal water supply tube. When the machine timer sends electric current to the valve, it opens up and lets water into the machine. 

When the timer stops sending electric current to the valve or the float switch, it stops the water supply to the machine. This prevents the household appliance from overfilling. When the water level inside the residential appliance increases, the level of the float also increases. When the float reaches a certain level, the switch is activated which cuts the electric supply to the valve. The rinse aid and soap dispenser also work in a similar fashion. The thermostat of the machine protects the machine, dishes, and the user by turning off the heating element when the desired temperature is reached. The thermostat will restart the heating element when the temperature inside the machine cools down. The door switch prevents the machine from starting when the door is closed. The drying fan is responsible for blowing hot air into the machine to dry the dishes. The heating element of the machine heats the rinse and the wash water to desired temperature.

This should give you a basic idea of the parts responsible for the normal functions of the machine. However, when there is a major problem with the machine, it is best to call a dishwasher service technician to service the machine. Just as we call a washer technician to repair our washing machine or a fridge repairman to service our refrigerator, similarly, we should use the service of a professional dishwasher repair technician to repair a washer.

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